Quantifind impacts brands by uncovering insights affecting businesses most. Signum is the platform for a suite of analytic products powerful for the most rigorous data scientists, while being simple and intuitive for any user.

Product Design, Brand Design

Art Direction, Design, Prototyping

Creative Direction:
Lance Rutter

Room signage concepts celebrating the company's atomic heritage

Signum empowers organizations to make informed decisions by combining human intuition with the voice of intelligent data. Insights are achieved by examining key performance metrics, such as sales, and correlating it to social media conversation. The platform uses explanatory analytics to identify competitive blindspots, strengths and opportunities in plain English.

Welcome Screen, Insight Directory

Signum 2.0 debuted a suite of products designed for deeper analysis providing users sophisticated tools to investigate the factors driving  insights.

Prototypes using Framer and Sketch to create realistic experiences for intensive usability testing. Shown is an flexible date selection tool and resulting loading states for charts.

A library of assets were created with reusable symbols and components designed in Sketch

asset library