Periscope Data

At first, this fast growing startup offered the simple promise: “Type SQL, Get Charts.” The company that started with an SQL code editor with easy data visualization blossomed into a powerful end-to-end data workflow, a first in the industry.

Creative Direction, Design, Development

Art Direction, Design, Management

Bochuan Li

In 2015 as a freelancer, I designed the Periscope Data logo inspired by the camera microprism. In December 2016, I joined the marketing team.

In August 2017 the company decided to refresh the brand to appeal to upmarket customers. The aggressive 10-week timeline to redesign the brand and launch a new website required incredible focus.

Below is the front-matter for the first identity review with some selected preliminary designs.

Educating stakeholders became an important aspect of the rebrand as they sought to become more design savvy. For instance, we developed font samples to demonstrate needed size adjustments to maintain the same visual weight. In addition, we created a website to preview different fonts and how they rendered online.

Font comparisons within the product with DIN (the existing font) against: Akkurat, Aperçu, Atlas, Calibre and Roboto.

The new logo ultimately became a simplified version of the 2015 logo to be more flexible and easier to reproduce at scale.

Periscope Data Blog

Our icon library, available in an array of colors, is an invaluable asset to every team at Periscope Data. Equipped with this library, content creators can quickly describe ideas simple and abstract ideas clearly.

After the brand relaunch, we focused on the foundation of the brand. We built the Asset Library site for our team to download assets like our logo, product images and more.

We're currently building design guidelines for the company and our partners to reference.

Collateral including white papers, brochures, letterhead and one-page documents needed to be distinguishable, yet flexible to allow creativity within defined rules.